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Alliance Cooperative Energy

Alliance Cooperative Energy

I am the co-founder of Alliance Cooperative Energy, LLC; a company in the Solar PV and energy sector. As part of our business plan we are working on strong and memorable brand recognition. We used an art director to design a logo that would instantly tell customers what we do.

The next step, our web site, was extremely important to us. Being an engineer and somewhat of a “Do it yourselfer” I was tempted to do more of the work on the site myself. I had the good fortune of meeting Jovanky from JD Giron, LLC and almost instantly realized I needed to hire them to develop my company site.
I am very technically inclined however, Jovanky provided me with technical incites that if implemented correctly would instantly return several times my initial investment with him. He showed an in depth understanding to the algorithms the search engines use and how to best position my site for viewing by the customers I need to reach. Jovanky was also very flexible with structuring the project and allowing me to provide direction and physical input when I felt I needed to. I am extremely happy with my web site and with my decision to hire JD Giron.

James Van Ness

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